Organic Fertilizer











ORGANİC MATTER                              % 20


MINERALS                                              % 90

PARTICLE SIZE                                     0-10 mm

PH                                                              6-8

HUMIDITY                                              % 5



Genç-söy inşaat Nak. Madencilik Tur. Tic. San. Ltd. Şti.

(Genç-Söy Construction, Transportation, Mining,

 Tourism, Commerce& ındustry Ltd.Co. )


                    1879 sokak, No:12 K:5 D:19

                        Karşıyaka- İzmir/ Turkey

                 Telephone & Fax : (0232 368 78 22 ) 








–        ıt regulate physical  structure of erat. It provides earth humiditity by regulating salty soil  and barren alkali

–        It activates macro and micro elements in the eart and enables the plant to absorb it

–        Due to the mineral characteristics in it ,it  has ahigh water holding property and besides it prevents soil erosion.

–        As a result of having humic and fulvic acids in its composition, it strengthens the root structure of the plant and enables the plant to get the minerals in the soil faster with its fibrous roots.

–        It provides the physiological order of the soil because of having elements like silicon, phosphorus ,potash, manganese,iron sulphur, zinc etc in its composition. It activates the chemical fertilizers which were given to the earth up to now . ıt prevents soil frombecoming barren and enables the plant to intake it.

–        Rekor gelişim (Record Growth ) fully organic earth regulator which is mixed with earth encourages recycling to soil as potassium oxide at the end of years ıt softens the earth.

–        Rekor Gelişim (Record Growth) Hving  an enormous water holding characteristic enables the plant to intake required water  which  was deposited by formation in waterless and dry periods. Consequently the required degree of dampness and heat in the soil necessary for healthy plant growth is  provided.

–        Because of the trace elements in its composition, it enables the plant to develop fast, to gain its own original colour and to increase its massiveness during fruiting period. Consequently product  quantity obtained per decare by the farmer is increased without using any chemicals or medicaments.

–        Because of having minerals , leonardite and useful organic fossil  contributions in its composition, it enables the plant to grow healthily being bright , lively and having a dark gren colour.

–        Rekor gelişim (Record Growth) enables earth to get oxygen easily with the help of minerals in its composition and increases the resistance of the plant against a lot of fungus and bacterial root diseases .

–        As respiration in eart converts all necessary nutrients suitable for plant intake, it provides fast growth , fertility increase and protection of the plant against all kind of diseases by increasing its resistance .

–        During fruiting periods of plants , it enables product to be more qualified and fertile by enabling fruits to have natural colours and by increasing their massiveness.

–        As it develops fibrous root structures of plants enormously fast, it enables plant to intake micro organisms in soil and all chemical fertilizers  given up to now more rapidly. As a result of harvesting crop 15-20 days earlier, it enables crop to become more valuable and to take its place in the market at once.

–        It provides natural chelation without using any chemicals.



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